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National School of Real Estate


why choose national?


Whether you're looking for a career in Real Estate or a place to continue your Real Estate education, the National School of Real Estate is the place to study. We offer a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and employ quality instructors to help you learn what's necessary to achieve your goal in taking our courses.




Our instructors are professionals from relevant areas of interest to complete our Paideia philosophy. These areas include Active Real Estate Professionals and extend beyond - into relevant fields of business. We design and build curricula in conjunction with our instructors' core competencies to bring you the best possible learning opportunity. 




The National School of Real Estate backs our students with: 

  • Concise information 
  • Flexible Hours
  • Multiple Opportunities for Learning
  • Experienced Instructors

NSRE supports an ongoing curricula for the life cycle of the real estate professional ~ from the first exam, post licensing education, broker preparation and on-going continuing education. 

We have been a competitive player offering real world education for more than 30 years. The school's evolution from it's original owner, Paul Harris, to today ~ provides a solid foundation to prepare our students for the Arkansas Real Estate Exam and other successful professional careers. 




We have a high exam pass rate because we:

  • Employ experienced instructors and encourage class participation rather than canned lectures or outdated video tapes.
  • Provide clear and concise information for your study and review.
  • Offer flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Monitor your progress through sample testing and class discussion.
  • Take a personal interest in assisting you to pass the state examination.